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The CatSper test for the early detection of CatSper-related male infertility

What is the CatSper test?

The CatSper test is a diagnostic procedure developed to assess the functionality of the CatSper channels in sperm. These channels play a crucial role in the fertilization of the egg. The man's sperm navigate through the woman's genital tract to reach the egg in the fallopian tube. For fertilization, sperm must overcome the egg's protective envelope. To do this, they beat vigorously with their tail. This is called hyperactivation. This swimming behavior is controlled by the sperm protein "Catsper". If CatSper is defective, sperm get stuck in the egg membrane. This means that no spontaneous pregnancy can be achieved. Insemination and IVF treatments are also unsuccessful.
(Source: Human fertilization in vivo and in vitro requires the CatSper channel to initiate sperm hyperacitvation. Young et al., 2024)

How is the test performed?

The CatSper test is performed once using a spermiogram. The sample is analyzed in the laboratory to determine the activity of the CatSper channels.

Why is the CatSper test important?

The test enables a precise assessment of male fertility and can help to identify the reasons for infertility despite an unremarkable spermiogram.

Can affected couples still fulfill their desire to have children together?

ICSI therapy can make biological paternity possible, as the egg membrane is overcome by injecting the sperm - regardless of hyperactivation.

What are the advantages of the CatSper test?

  • Precise diagnosis of sperm dysfunction
  • Customized treatment plans for couples with fertility problems
  • Avoidance of unsuccessful treatments using insemination and IVF

The costs of these additional diagnostics will be charged to you privately.

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