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Causes in women

Oocyte maturation disorder

Various hormonal imbalances can lead to a lack of or delayed oocyte maturation, absence of ovulation and insufficient corpus luteum hormone production ...

Elevated levels of male hormones are often present. Thyroid dysfunction is another possible cause. Underweight or overweight, excessive sport, medication and stress influence the hormonal balance. More rarely, a genetic abnormality or a tumor can be the cause.

Damage to the fallopian tubes

While disorders of the cervix and uterus are comparatively rarely responsible for infertility, a blockage of the fallopian tubes and their funnel-shaped ends is found more frequently. ...

Blockage of the fallopian tubes, restricted mobility of the fallopian tubes or damage to the mucous membrane of the fallopian tubes lead to a disturbance in the transport of egg and sperm cells. Common causes of tubal damage are infections, endometriosis, adhesions, previous surgeries, ectopic pregnancies.


Endometriosis is the presence of uterine lining-like cells outside the uterine cavity. It is one of the most common benign diseases in women.

The causes of this disease are not entirely clear. Common symptoms of endometriosis are lower abdominal pain, painful bleeding, pain during sexual intercourse. It is also not uncommon for those affected to have difficulty getting pregnant - organic changes or disturbances in the environment of the abdominal cavity fluid may be responsible. The diagnosis of endometriosis is often only made by laparoscopy, a surgical procedure where the abdominal cavity is examined with a fibre-optic instrument.

Uterine Myomas

Uterine fibroids are benign tumors arising from the smooth muscle of the uterus. Malignant degeneration is rare. Whether such muscular nodules negatively affect fertility depends mainly on their number, size and localization.

Malformation of the uterus

Malformations of the uterus, fallopian tubes or ovaries are rare overall. However, depending on their severity, they can prevent pregnancy or lead to frequent miscarriages.

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